Our Strategy


We have the experience and know-how to bring transformational change to your people and your company. Our winning strategy starts with these three principles:

Know Your Numbers
We believe that wellness is not an option, it is a mission critical business priority and every employee has a role. That's why we teach employees to use your company's health plan proactively for prevention and early detection.

Don't Get Worse
A longer high claim list correlates consistently to poorer plan performance, translating into challenging renewals. While we cannot eliminate high claims altogether, we can make a meaningful impact by changing unhealthy behavior through education and engagement.

Create a Culture of Health
By investing in health, prevention and early detection, we can help your company achieve sustainable pricing and optimal employee health.

Start your benefits journey with CoBiz Insurance

Instead of relying on changes in plan design, wrestling underwriting concessions or hoping for improved claims, our strategy is intentional, impactful and sustainable with proven results. Connect with one of our benefit advisors to learn how we can implement our winning strategy into your employee benefit program.

*Our winning strategy is inspired by D. W. Edington, PhD.