Our Approach


Our goal is to help you reduce your total risks and financially protect you from losses such as theft, liability, property damage, worker injuries and business interruption. We can accomplish this together in three simple, yet crucial steps:

1. Understand How to Control Risk
The best way to avoid claims is to begin with clearly defined and frequently communicated policies and procedures, regular review of vendor relations and contract language, reassessment of the structure and multi-year plan of your risk transfer strategy.

2. Prevent and Protect Against Risk
Insurance is just one piece of financial security. We assess and design risk transfer strategies that help prevent and protect against unexpected events throughout the lifecycle and growth of your business.

3. Create a Risk Aware Culture
We believe risk management works best when the strategy is integrated into the culture of your organization. We'll work collaboratively with you to develop a strong risk aware culture and provide the resources to help support and maintain your risk management program.

Start your risk management initiative with CoBiz Insurance

Instead of wrestling underwriting concessions or hoping for improved claims, our strategy is intentional, impactful and sustainable with proven results. Connect with a risk management advisor to learn how we can implement our winning strategy into your insurance program.